Daily thought – Technology

It’s not often or maybe I should say I was not often that I missed the much hyped Apple event(s) but yesterdays came and went I was was oblivious to it. Now as a long time user of the green fruits products and one who use to devour any and all *news and product reviews in the days before the web when there were a number of mags that were religiously followed to then coveting those new products, I have seen my interest wain over the last few years and I find myself thinking that there is nothing in the shopping basket that I actually want. Now I am not sure if this is due to the general downsizing and or minimising my life or whether it is in a general lost of passion for these “toys”. I find my self clicking through the bright shiny pages on Apple’s site with antipathy and maybe even a bit of boredom thats not to say I don’t actually want anything new but I am now looking at every purchase with a new sense of whether I actually need it and giving myself some criteria and timelines to guide these purchases. Having just got a “new” old phone and it really meeting my needs I don’t see myself needing anything new for a couple of years and its kind of freeing now not having to keep up with and fund these seemingly yearly upgrades.

One thing I did find interesting is the projections and Apples’ view of where we are all heading with the personal computer and that term is very used loosely. From the advent of the big iPad Pro it seemed to me that there would be a smaller sibling and they seem to be manoeuvring there ranges into a more cohesive and delineated one, but it does raise interesting questions for me to any future purchases of tech gear. As I came from the desktop environment through laptops to current day there are many things that I would miss if they weren’t there and many things on the iOS platform that I just can’t be done at the current time. Saying that there are now only a few tasks that I can only carry out on the laptop rather than an iPad and I have question whether I could I adapt and sacrifice those programs or tasks to other ways of completing them. But I am starting to think about the balance of power, however there is such a choice that then adds inertia to the decision making process.

Who knows what the technology will have moved on to by the time I am ready to make the next purchase but that won’t be for a while..

*one of my many news sites that I follows

My name is Ted and I procrastinate…..

Tedtalks, Tedx, ted.com or what ever it is now. Over the years I have dipped into Ted most likely from links sent from friends or colleagues but its not something I have gone back to or spent much time on. In an email from a friend yesterday I was pointed to a talk by Tim Urban that resonated with me so much. As one of those people that leave/left it until the last minute to do and achieve things I can completely identify with the talk and I always said I worked best under pressure and that I had to have a deadline to get things done. Now that I have had time to stop and think about these things I am trying to move away from the just in time mentality. Funnily enough I hate to be late and would much rather arrive 30 minutes early that be a minute late, not really in line with the procrastinator principles I guess.

In this world of “constantly on”, goals, targets for work, career, life etc etc and just about everything in between it is important to take time to at the things we do it’s just not getting caught up in the looking and not making progress some progress any progress, which I have suffered from in the past but not anymore ah ha.

Now that I have disappeared down the rabbit hole there’s a world of talks worth taking a look at some more whackier than others but interesting none the less. Now where did the day go..

Different strokes

Whilst sitting around this morning over breakfast coffee my mind got to wondering about what I was going to have for my evening meal. Looking in the fridge to see the usual suspects I came away thinking hmmm, don’t fancy any of that so what to do. In this day and age of the information super highway and living the now and all that I thought well there must be something I can find that I would want to eat. This then led me down an avenue of thought that what do we normally do but to revert to the norm and in my case like many others reach for the pasta. As I gulped the last mouthful of coffee and thought about getting on with the day there seemed to be a nugget of something growing in the back of my mind. However it wasn’t until I was out on the daily walk drifting along in my mediative state that the thought came back to me. Churning it through I began to think about the daily diet and how I could vary it not that I live an unhealthy life more like just introducing some variety. Now I like to cook the things I like to eat on the whole as most of us do and I am not trying to radically change my diet to say a vegan one but I do think that I would like to be more adventurous.

I do have a love of all, well at least nearly all types of food and the only thing I have come across so far that I have not been able to eat and still can’t physically eat is the devils food which is Sprouts. No matter how much family, friends and anyone else says I will not like them not now not ever! (note to self, move away from the rant button) and so this leads me onto my new current culinary experiment. The plan I have come up with is to cook a new to me meal each night for a week starting tomorrow as this is when I do the weekly shop. I am also going to try out some vegetarian dishes as being a fully paid up member of the carnivore clan I have on the whole never tried this type of food and am interested to see how the pallet, wallet and stomach cope with a bit of radical change. Don’t get me wrong I am not doing this for any ethical reasons and don’t plan to give up on meat I am just curious to try out new things and this goes throughout the whole of my life.

I will NOT be taking pictures of said meals for twitter, instagram, Facebook or any other social media site for which I have seen people standing on there chairs in restaurants to get that unforgettable shot of dining in some currently trendy joint just to let everyone know where they in fact I believe Gordon Ramsay got into a bit of a tizzy about this and that is someone I would definitely not want to enrage anyway I digress.

I then started to come up with additional ideas such as should I just use a random selection of all food styles and types or pick one type i.e Italian and then select all from that locale or finally pick 7 dishes from 7 continents, although there are people who say there are 6 continents. There is one problem to this as the food of the Antarctic would be fish and more exactly Wem and the likelihood of getting some from my local supermarket being probably zero I think this plan has a major flaw. But, if I was to take the remaining six continents and choose from those with a lucky dip for the seventh and final day. Hmmm yes I may be taking this too far and have too much time on my hands but its been a interesting journey on the actual decision. So now time to start selecting the menu..

Distant signals

IMG_0013It’s that time of year again when the distant hills are clouded in a bluey, purpley haze from the fires where they are burning off the old heather to encourage new. It amazes me that they are in this day and age allowed to still do it as not only must it be pretty polluting but also that the health of everyone down wind must be affected in some way, but hey what do I know. Makes for some pretty spectacular scenery though aye. Also whilst out it was the real first signs of spring as the temps were up slightly and I almost felt it was time to strip down one layer from full on winter mode. However a day on it had returned to the rather more normal bitter North Easterlies but the upside is that there has been a prolonged stint of sunny weather so all good then.

I have been giving the future some thought again and trying to get myself into a mindset of where this wagon is rolling to. I am going to have a six week period of solitude and I am trying to come up with a bit of a plan of where I am heading and how to get there. In the past I would have either blindly headed off down the rabbit hole or dithering around to the point of missing the metaphorical boat, never doing things by half measures. I now have a window of opportunity to study and formulate and want to take or try and take more measured and thoughtful steps back out into the world.

One of the main things about making these important life decisions is that on the whole ‘you’ are the only one that can make that choice and ultimately you may not know the implications and outward ripples until after the event. However as I was once told it to me seem a case of “you either run to meet your destiny or your fate WILL catch up with you” and ending on that note I am off to roll the dice 🙂


Look up

Seen elsewhere and previously on the interweb today but a timely reminder of how much time can be sucked out of the day and us by that device we carry around with us everyday. I am just as guilty of doing this myself and will attempt to look up more often.

Finding the passion

This is something I have  been mulling over for the last few weeks as it is something that I have struggled with most of my life. I am sure that there are many who are doing what they love, many who are doing what makes them happy and many who are just keeping their heads down in order to keep the plates spinning. But the big question and something that I have never really considered as have spent a life doing something that pays for a life; living to work rather than working to live. Not many are given an opportunity to pause and reflect, to consider their position in life and make change if found to be needed. But I am in that lucky position with some time to ponder but it doesn’t make it any easier. How do you wake up one morning find your life bearing, map it out before lunch and start acting it out the following day, no me neither.

When ‘one’ has been on a path, track, road, goals what ever you want to call it it can quite often blind you to the possibilities that you may have thought were open to you in earlier years. Something I thought about many years ago was being an engineer purely has I use to take things to bits to see how they worked. Admittedly they would rarely go back together again to its once working form, but in that process I told myself I wanted to be an engineer. Thankfully I never got any further with it as I wasn’t dedicated enough and also I was hopeless at maths or at least the type of maths that were needed. This got me thinking though. What could I do? and possibly more importantly what would I do.

Part of setting up this blog was to answer this very question and then to see where it took me. What I hadn’t banked on happening was that it would take so long. I suppose in the scheme of things a few weeks or even a few months would take a huge chunk of time out of the universe. It is a task I need to apply myself to though as I have a nasty habit of procrastinating and downright avoiding these types of decisions. That is all about to change with my new “Self Improvement Plan 2.0”

One of the fundamental requirements to life though is having money. Not all things cost money but often they take money to achieve. This has to be factored into ones thinking, i.e. if re-training is needed or some different professional qualifications are needed or maybe a spell back at college.

For me it is about building back up some funds that will then allow me to make some/more decision once I have a fallback position which is partly guiding my plans and choices at the moment. I have many side projects that I have anticipated over the years but whether they would lead to a meaningful life who knows. I suppose that the only way to find out is to give it a try.

and on that note I will leave you with an image of what seems like spring coming from a longish walk I did the other day where I spent time mulling over options whilst pounding the miles.


Day 11: Prompting Places

Today the task is using prompts and the one I have chosen is Places and this is very apposite as I ponder my next move both physically and metaphorically. So much life is spent in one place and for most of us we want that stability of having those roots. However for whatever reason change comes along and makes us move whether we like it or not and that might be moving out of home for the first time, a job requiring a relocation, or just events causing that movement. I am at the latter end of that spectrum but rather than looking at it as a stress, upheaval or negative experience I am looking forward to embracing a change of life and location and am starting to draw up a list of possible places to lay my hat (Cheesy 80’s Alert) But some of the places may or may not come off and I have to be realistic about the the opportunities open to me.

However the past helps form the future and having lived in a number of cities I look at where I want to be and if thats in a city or out in the countryside and I am struggling with this dichotomy. I get a buzz from the city and the energies that you get from opportunities and socialising but the having been brought up in the countryside I often feel the need for space and nature. I guess I am just a grass is always greener guy.

Free-beach-wallpaperI have thought about temporarily trying out different places both here and in different countries and there are many ideas an blogs promoting mini-micro breaks, but you never really get a feeling for a place if you are just passing through for a weekend or so and this is where the 4HWW comes in (I am still working through this slowly) The idea of dipping in to a place for a chunk of time has been growing on me and as a project I have some plans for expanding these this year and more to follow on the blog.


Couple of days have gone by and I am struggling to keep up with the blogging101 though I haven’t fallen so far behind I have thought about giving it up, but I hadn’t reckoned on it taking up so much head time. This is all good as spending some time thinking is something that we done often have the luxury to dwell on. Part of the task is to write a post aimed at an audience that I am interested in connecting with, problem is at the moment I have no idea of that audience as I am primarily writing it for me and if others stop by and read for some time then thats all that matters (at the moment) 🙂 However I guess if wotsitallabout was to grow into a brand then it might take on some more significance. In this day and age “branding” is so important in fact brandedisation, is that a word, if not I’m claiming it has taken over sometimes it would seem the content, however I digress. If there was an audience I was aiming to connect with it would be one looking for new life paths and trying out new ways of life and living. I find myself coming across so many interesting and exciting ideas and projects that inspire me to think about the way I am living and how can I improve that. For me its a crossover or mash up or what ever the current term or phrase is to incorporate as much of this with out it taking over to the point of missing the fact that I am trying to slow down. As I have said before I struggle with the constant on culture but thats not to say I can’t learn from it and make connections with other like minded people as I go about my digital journey.

So in conclusion I leave you with this


Just a quick post as not much to say really today apart from even more incentive to grab life after hearing a family friend is losing the battle to cancer. I don’t know whether its just we hear about it more no that we did or whether if you listen to conspiracy theorists that ‘they’ are doing this to us, but I think it lies somewhere in the lifestyles have changed so much even in the last 30 years and that we are surrounded by so many more contaminants. But what do I know its all just theories. No consolation to the millions of families out there that have lost or are losing a loved one to this gross mutation.

Note to self: just do it; for want of a better phrase.. I am trying to break the mould..

Daily Ogle

The daily visit to this site is refining my view of what is out there and helping me think about what space I want and all the givens and druthers. I am starting to think that this form of living is going to be the best and most likely option for the short term future. Plans for an own build home are still the primary objective and reading around buying land and getting planning permission could take up to 10 years so the boat would be a good stepping stone and as I have said before some thing on the bucket list.

Still finding my blogging legs and working out what and how much to put down, I am wondering how many people use it as an online diary but it is one of the things that I wanted to do as then in the future I look back and see where I have come from both physically and metaphorically. I started out thinking that I would write warts and all but am realising that even I don’t want to read “today I got up and had a cup of tea” oh there’s an idea whilst slaving over a hot keyboard but I do want to keep the flow of thoughts and progress as sometimes it’s the small things that matter and the daily life is just as important as the big moments.

I have come up with the hundred pound jar (well I hope it will contain 100 coins) which as you you would expect it is a jar that contains one hundred pound coins. I thought that in line with the one pound challenge I would use it as a small starter project so that once I get to hundred I will pay it into a savings account and then carrying on building from there. Right where can I make my first pound!