Early one morning

I set off on my early morning walk today and got a few step on my way and thought that this was such a lovely morning I should really get the bike out and give it a go. It is really hr best time to do it before the roads become clogged with traffic as the lanes are not very wide and meeting anything on them usually means having to get off and out of the way specially for all the farm traffic and with he wind in ones ears it’s not always easy to hear traffic coming.

Its a six mile circuit which doesn’t sound much but there are a couple of ferocious hills that need to be climbed and although my bike has a ridiculously low gear to the point it is quicker to get off and walk it is still a bit of an effort. Having watch the Tour de France and the Olympic road race it feels puny compared to that but it was a bit of a workout that I don’t normally get on my walks. I did get off and walk a bit as thought it might be safer and quicker to get up but if the weather is the same tomorrow I’ll give it another go and see if I can get up all in one go.

Interestingly it wasn’t much more calorifically than the walk I do but it did take less time so unless the weather is really nice I’ll stick to the walking as I enjoy this more and I can collect sticks which is a bit difficult whilst pedalling along..

Anyway lets see if the weather holds and if I can go a bit further next time. No pain no gain it is said..

Just because..


A reminder that this is mid-July! and it looks like December. Very humid too I fully expected the thunderstorms the phone app predicted, but unless I slept through it/them never materialised. I rather extreme crop of the image but I like the graininess it still amazes me the quality of pics my phone takes as I recently found an old Nokia camera phone I had 10 years ago and there is just no comparison to my 5S.

Thought of the day

IMG_0916.jpegTaking a break from decorating duties and to get some fresh air I went for a walk to a favourite spot where one can spend a moment gazing at the views from a handily placed bench next to a little plantation. The trees are still very young and only planted around five years ago but they are starting to fill out and will provide shade once they have matured and I may be round to see that. Planted with mainly Oaks and Ashes it will be an even nicer spot in decades to come. For once the sun is shining and the wind is rustling the now long grass but there is the ever so slight tinge of retreating Summer. The light has imperceptibly changed and it has a more golden glow like the harvested fields. I do love this time of year and these views are pretty timeless. Instead of the swish of scythes it’s now the rumble of the tractor. But this scene wouldn’t have been much different a hundred years ago.

Feels funny writing about the change in season when we have had no real Summer to speak of. Hopefully there will be an Indian Summer and I will look back and say wow “do you remember Summer of 2016”, but I am not holding my breath.

I am coming to the end of doing the Kitchen and it is probably the last time it will get done, unless the house doesn’t sell and that’s a strong possibility that the market has slowed right down and the banks are putting the breaks on people getting mortgages after the Brexit vote. So who knows what will happen but at least we will be able to sit in a bright and clean room whist the winds of winter whistle around us.


Awoken to another day of rain! When will it end. I don’t remember having so little sun light in recent years but then the mind can play tricks on you but I do long for some vitamin D and happiness inducing rays. Ready? Ready now?

Thought of the day – Raining again.

IMG_0609.jpegSo high summer is almost here and the rain has returned. As I sit in the dry of the car and survey the surrounding vista I can’t help but think “are we going to get any consistent sunny weather” Not sure if it’s an age thing but I keep thinking the summers were longer and hotter when I was a kid. I am sure there are statisticians out there that can prove to me that indeed that summers were longer due to the perception of time being longer and the older you get the more it speeds up. It also leads me to think of holidaying in foreign climes where the sun always shines and the days are long, but those days are some way off. I have never been one for sun worshipping and now given all the advice against it seems even more sensible not to bake ones self to gas mark 11 on some far flung tropical beech. Being blessed genetically with very and I mean very fair skin even a whiff of the suns rays sends me a lovely shade of beetroot so most of my life I have always walked on the shady side of the street. Maybe next year will be different..

As a postscript; Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again” popped into my head for some unapparent reason but there’s nothing like a bit of 80’s cheese to cheer one up.