Running from the rain.

Just getting back to the daily walk gig and the last couple of days have been a taste of what’s to come I feel. I have even had to break out the boots and big coat out. Its a bit of a shock and with the light decreasing time to hunker down. Whilst heading home yesterday I turned to take a look behind me to be met with this view. Not often there is rain chasing the Sun on my walks but we’ve been having some strange weather recently.

Looking at the Sunrise and Sunset times there is no reason why I shouldn’t be getting back to the early morning walks as I have been very lazy over the last month, just need a kick up the behind to get going again!

Thought of the day

IMG_0916.jpegTaking a break from decorating duties and to get some fresh air I went for a walk to a favourite spot where one can spend a moment gazing at the views from a handily placed bench next to a little plantation. The trees are still very young and only planted around five years ago but they are starting to fill out and will provide shade once they have matured and I may be round to see that. Planted with mainly Oaks and Ashes it will be an even nicer spot in decades to come. For once the sun is shining and the wind is rustling the now long grass but there is the ever so slight tinge of retreating Summer. The light has imperceptibly changed and it has a more golden glow like the harvested fields. I do love this time of year and these views are pretty timeless. Instead of the swish of scythes it’s now the rumble of the tractor. But this scene wouldn’t have been much different a hundred years ago.

Feels funny writing about the change in season when we have had no real Summer to speak of. Hopefully there will be an Indian Summer and I will look back and say wow “do you remember Summer of 2016”, but I am not holding my breath.

I am coming to the end of doing the Kitchen and it is probably the last time it will get done, unless the house doesn’t sell and that’s a strong possibility that the market has slowed right down and the banks are putting the breaks on people getting mortgages after the Brexit vote. So who knows what will happen but at least we will be able to sit in a bright and clean room whist the winds of winter whistle around us.

In other news

faroffWell it almost felt like spring this morning and managed to get out for the first proper walk in what seems like weeks admittedly I have been walking since the new year but rather sporadically due to rather grim weather. In fact whilst out yesterday pretty much had all forms of meteorology in the space of 30 minutes all the way through sun and snow. However today was the complete opposite and seemed almost spring like though we know not to get ahead of ourselves. Talking of weather on of the best ways to get the British talking is to strike up a conversation on the weather. You can be in any part of this fair land and to a complete stranger say “lovely weather were having” or something to the contrary and you will know doubt have found out the local news, gossip and probably the persons life story in a very short time. It never ceases to amaze me the levels of these types of conversation takes one to having recently experienced it myself on a train just after Christmas. The person sitting next to me turn out to be the husband of someone I worked with and in all the time I had know his wife had never met him, all from “looks like snow” comment.

Anyway I wander from the purpose of this post which is to say I picked up a very cheap dig-calipers this morning from an Aldi store we stopped by for some groceries probably not the best quality in the world but for that price.. You can never have enough tools in my opinion and I thought I had some when I last moved but the gremlins have obviously hidden them and as soon as I start using these then the others will turn up. I can now carry out accurate measuring measures!