Distant signals

IMG_0013It’s that time of year again when the distant hills are clouded in a bluey, purpley haze from the fires where they are burning off the old heather to encourage new. It amazes me that they are in this day and age allowed to still do it as not only must it be pretty polluting but also that the health of everyone down wind must be affected in some way, but hey what do I know. Makes for some pretty spectacular scenery though aye. Also whilst out it was the real first signs of spring as the temps were up slightly and I almost felt it was time to strip down one layer from full on winter mode. However a day on it had returned to the rather more normal bitter North Easterlies but the upside is that there has been a prolonged stint of sunny weather so all good then.

I have been giving the future some thought again and trying to get myself into a mindset of where this wagon is rolling to. I am going to have a six week period of solitude and I am trying to come up with a bit of a plan of where I am heading and how to get there. In the past I would have either blindly headed off down the rabbit hole or dithering around to the point of missing the metaphorical boat, never doing things by half measures. I now have a window of opportunity to study and formulate and want to take or try and take more measured and thoughtful steps back out into the world.

One of the main things about making these important life decisions is that on the whole ‘you’ are the only one that can make that choice and ultimately you may not know the implications and outward ripples until after the event. However as I was once told it to me seem a case of “you either run to meet your destiny or your fate WILL catch up with you” and ending on that note I am off to roll the dice 🙂


Finding the passion

This is something I have  been mulling over for the last few weeks as it is something that I have struggled with most of my life. I am sure that there are many who are doing what they love, many who are doing what makes them happy and many who are just keeping their heads down in order to keep the plates spinning. But the big question and something that I have never really considered as have spent a life doing something that pays for a life; living to work rather than working to live. Not many are given an opportunity to pause and reflect, to consider their position in life and make change if found to be needed. But I am in that lucky position with some time to ponder but it doesn’t make it any easier. How do you wake up one morning find your life bearing, map it out before lunch and start acting it out the following day, no me neither.

When ‘one’ has been on a path, track, road, goals what ever you want to call it it can quite often blind you to the possibilities that you may have thought were open to you in earlier years. Something I thought about many years ago was being an engineer purely has I use to take things to bits to see how they worked. Admittedly they would rarely go back together again to its once working form, but in that process I told myself I wanted to be an engineer. Thankfully I never got any further with it as I wasn’t dedicated enough and also I was hopeless at maths or at least the type of maths that were needed. This got me thinking though. What could I do? and possibly more importantly what would I do.

Part of setting up this blog was to answer this very question and then to see where it took me. What I hadn’t banked on happening was that it would take so long. I suppose in the scheme of things a few weeks or even a few months would take a huge chunk of time out of the universe. It is a task I need to apply myself to though as I have a nasty habit of procrastinating and downright avoiding these types of decisions. That is all about to change with my new “Self Improvement Plan 2.0”

One of the fundamental requirements to life though is having money. Not all things cost money but often they take money to achieve. This has to be factored into ones thinking, i.e. if re-training is needed or some different professional qualifications are needed or maybe a spell back at college.

For me it is about building back up some funds that will then allow me to make some/more decision once I have a fallback position which is partly guiding my plans and choices at the moment. I have many side projects that I have anticipated over the years but whether they would lead to a meaningful life who knows. I suppose that the only way to find out is to give it a try.

and on that note I will leave you with an image of what seems like spring coming from a longish walk I did the other day where I spent time mulling over options whilst pounding the miles.


E is for..

ELIMINAeisforeliminateTE!! Slowly working through it. Keeping my attention focused is hard at the best of times but I set myself the goal of reading for 30 minutes of the day as this seems to be what I can manage at the moment. I have never been a huge reader and am constantly told that I should read more. Yes I can see the benefits but then I get my knowledge and enjoyment from discovering, adventuring and learning online. The downside is that it can take up sooo much time and take away from actually doing! But I have gained more than I have lost in my approach. There isn’t any walk of life or interest that you can’t find someone in the world that has posted up on Youtube or blogged about and to me that is amazing. Want to change a plug, learn to fly a kite, pour aluminium castings, learn an instrument to language, now is the time. Do something different. I am I started blogging.

And on that note at 06:55 I am going to get up and go for my morning walk that I stopped doing late last year but am restarting today in order to get to (a) goal.

Daily Ogle

The daily visit to this site is refining my view of what is out there and helping me think about what space I want and all the givens and druthers. I am starting to think that this form of living is going to be the best and most likely option for the short term future. Plans for an own build home are still the primary objective and reading around buying land and getting planning permission could take up to 10 years so the boat would be a good stepping stone and as I have said before some thing on the bucket list.

Still finding my blogging legs and working out what and how much to put down, I am wondering how many people use it as an online diary but it is one of the things that I wanted to do as then in the future I look back and see where I have come from both physically and metaphorically. I started out thinking that I would write warts and all but am realising that even I don’t want to read “today I got up and had a cup of tea” oh there’s an idea whilst slaving over a hot keyboard but I do want to keep the flow of thoughts and progress as sometimes it’s the small things that matter and the daily life is just as important as the big moments.

I have come up with the hundred pound jar (well I hope it will contain 100 coins) which as you you would expect it is a jar that contains one hundred pound coins. I thought that in line with the one pound challenge I would use it as a small starter project so that once I get to hundred I will pay it into a savings account and then carrying on building from there. Right where can I make my first pound!


Mind mapping

MyPlanAfter playing around with some ideas I created a mind map, this works for me and have used many times in my working life. It can help with all sorts of things and creative thinking. Obviously each branch can be sub-divided to allow for more clarification, but i like to keep things simple and then use lists as additional refinement. Often times flip board charts have led to impromptu plan and project creations and also and as important in my view the adaptation of current plans. In fact it is harder to adapt a plan than it is to come up with one in my view as the lines have been set and changing peoples and ones own perceptions is the hardest task. The times I have scribbled on back of envelopes etc when looking for an alternative view or way. This map is a simple, top level plan and obviously there is way more to be done to carry this out but part of know the destination is knowing the journey. More work needs and will be done on this over the coming months and years but for the time being I have a blueprint of sorts to start out on.

I am now looking at how best to live for nothing to start off with but the plan is to build enough income to live life. There is so much information out there and each turn creates another just as interesting. More subjects to add to the lists. One thing that is amazing is that no matter what you want to find out there is an online community, what did we do before the internet.

Weather seems to be taking a turn for the better and hopefully more mood raising I am looking forward to seeing the beginning of spring, but at least the nights are getting shorter now.