Films – Jason Bourne

Last night we went to see Jason Bourne. I deliberately didn’t read anything about the movie as not to spoil it and apart from an interview with Paul Greengrass which he didn’t reveal any of the plot line I had no preconceptions. I really like the Bourne trilogy with a believable narrative and a realism unlike Bond that was refreshing. Hard to believe that it is 15 years since Bourne burst onto the screen and though Matt Damon looked a lot younger then, didn’t we all, he still looks the part.

So to the verdict, hmm well I enjoyed it but it was definitely a departure from the previous trilogy and it had a number of scenes that just went on for way to long. A lot of the film was signposted by ones that could have been used on a motorway and the storyline was way to transparent. I think Bourne is at his best when he is having to use his wits and with this film seemingly he wasn’t using those talents to there fullest. Not sure if Hollywood got their mits on this as I felt Tommy Lee Jones, a good actor but wrong for the part as the CIA boss. It felt more like a Bond movie but the plot of global espionage of populations is timely but I will leave it with the thought that it was a good evenings entertainment but not as gritty as I was expecting.

I’m now going to go back and have a Bournefest and watch the original three..

Films – Our Kind Of Traitor

Yesterday we went to out local independent cinema to see this film. I think overall it was a IMG_0233.jpegreasonable offering and some great actors but some how just didn’t hit the mark for me. It was overly long in places and obvious plot lines flagged up so even a blind person could see them. However both Stellan Skarsgård and Damian Lewis are very good and really carry it in my view. Ewan Mcgregor and Naomie Harris were a good supporting cast but never felt really part of the movie it felt like to me. Maybe I am being too critical but I think Harris made a excellent Moneypenny in Spectre and really shone through as a strong character rather than the previous paper shuffling minor female roles but didn’t seem to really be given much of a role. I have long liked McGregor since Trainspotting and I really liked Long Way Round but for me he just didn’t hit the mark on this one.

Its always hard to take books and authors that you have loved and turn them into films and Le Carré has a very distinct style that didn’t seem to be translated into this film. I am not an advocate for slavishly following books in there transition to film but it is always a battle between what is read and what is seen an to the greater extent the written word to me usual wins as that its the vision of the author and not a second hand one of the film production. However I just love going to the cinema good or bad and I have only ever walked out of two! However in the trailers section Sing Street looked fun.

Films – Hail, Caesar!

Tonight after an early meal I set off with family friend to see the latest Coen brothers film and I really enjoyed it apart from a rather annoying person who explained everything loudly to his wife and loudly laughed most of if not all the way through the film. Now my friends who say cinemas are rubbish would hold up this example of why they don’t go anymore and why others shouldn’t bother. I however although somewhat infuriated still love the experience. So the simple solution was to move as the screen was relatively empty and actually ended up being a better position and let others around ass put up with it.

For me it was Josh Brolin and Ralph Fiennes who made the film for me and strangely George Clooney seemed to be not as prominent as I suspected. However the rest of the film have many laugh out loud moments from Brolin’s character cagging a cigarette from the cops, the musical number and the cameo of Frances McDormand but enough of the spoilers. I would rate as a great evenings entertainment but maybe not on my desert island list.

A sidestep

In an fortuitous turn of events last night I went to the local cinema with a unexpected visitor last night which was a one off showing in a tiny, compact and bijou screen. Not quite on the same scale as one of my favourite cinemas in London but on a par. What was the film I hear you ask, well it was the 2004 sleeper hit of Sideways. Having seen the film a number of times on DVD and in fact seeing it for the first time at home on a pokey TV it was a joy to see it finally on the big screen. Many have said much more and better things about this film but I heartily recommend it if you have never seen it and if it’s been a long time dig out and dust off that DVD or download it. For me the characters and story are really well played out, the cinematography and scenery are also is partly the star of the film. There’s even a phrase that has entered the social vocabulary that makes me laugh every time but I’m sure wine growers around the world must have been furious. For me a film that I can watch repeatedly with sufficient breaks between is a sign of quality. Yes it’s all subjective and many may not agree but to me its a funny, real and a ultimately sort of heart warming tale that doesn’t have a too Hollywood ending.

Films – Dad’s Army

On Tuesday evening; 20:15pm showing and way past my bed time, we went to see Dad’s Army at our local cinema although unbeknownst to me I was coming down with a stinker of a heavy cold. However I have to say though I really enjoyed it. Having not really watched the original TV series as I was too young or we were TV starved kids not allowed to watch such things, I did have memories of seeing it when I was very young though not really understanding it. The movies new cast were very well chosen and Toby Jones (I have written elsewhere about The Detectorists) is a top actor in my view and carried off the main role convincingly. The slap stick comedy was there as in the previous TV shows but in an understated way that fitted in well with the rest of the film, not swamping it into becoming farce. There had been a lot of publicity before about how ‘they’ will never be able to repeat the show and that they shouldn’t but now released and the public have seen it certainly from the comments coming out of the cinema were very flattering and not all those were silver haired cinema goers.

One of my pet peeves is proclamations by critics as to whether a film is good or bad, I would rather make up my own mind thanks.