daily bread..

For a change I was up early this morning and lucky I was as there was no bread left. So on rummaging around in the cupboards I found enough to be able to make some bread. This is  something I haven’t done for a long time and missed the smells of it coming out of the oven. It’s a bit hap hazard as I only had some White flour and a tiny bit of Brown and not my normal 50/50 mix but it came out ok although a bit misshapen. Anyway get to have a proper breakfast with some coffee as think White bread always goes better with coffee and Marmalade.

An easy way of getting out of going to the shops and hey, it’s cheaper. I really should make it more.

Bread ‘n’ Butter

P1020884It has been some long time since I made bread mainly because I stopped eating so much of it as a part of cutting down on wheat products. I didn’t think it would turn out too well as the dough was rather dry and a bit brick like. However the proof was in the eating and pretty delicious it is. One the the things I miss about breakfast now it the absence of Marmalade course cut naturally, however this morning that was rectified. I usually don’t make two loaves as it doesn’t hang around that long but this time I split it and am going to freeze one after cutting it into slices, a neat trick a friend taught me years ago. With Easter round the corner I am tempted to have a go at making some Hot Cross Buns as it not something I have done before and always good to challenge ones self. I can also off load them on the family and friends so I don’t end up eating all of them!

I really also need to look at some different types of bread as I have pretty much made the same thing for years not that I am bored of it but just variety is the spice of life supposedly. I did consider sour dough but I am not sure I can keep up with all the maintenance and as I am out and about a fair bit it may not be practical. Then there’s soda breads and enriched doughs but again not good for ones waist line.

Progress of sorts

whilst sitting in a car park waiting, waiting, i am amazed at what you can do on a smartphone though I really need a pair of glasses in the car. I have been distracted from progress for a couple of days that I wanted to achieve but none the less in other parts I have managed to take a couple of steps forward. I have started messing around with some 3D CAD Softwares but he learning curve is pretty steep but starting off with simple design helps but both have loads of online info and tutorials so have picked up loads pretty quickly. I have been messing around with home building amongst other things.

White Loaf with Pumpkin seeds

In other news I have had another crack at bread making and this time went for a white loaf and topped with pumpkin seeds. Really getting into this and am looking at trying out a rye bread next as I don’t eat huge amounts of bread but it mysteriously disappears. I have also got over my fear of dried yeast as I was told it’s not as good as fresh but in my experience it’s perfectly good.

I have also started the 3rd day of blogging101 and am looking at other blogs to start following and learn from. Again there is so much to look at that I am looking in bite sized chunks so not to be overwhelmed. Anyway is a good day.

Ones daily bread

breadThought I would have a go at something different and make bread so with the wonders of the interweb got the makings bashed it all together and had to wait a couple of hours, taadaa, ok well not quite that simple but really its just flour, yeast, salt and water with a bit of olive oil and some walnuts added. Wasn’t sure if I had killed the dried yeast by putting what I thought was too hot. I didn’t have any bread making tins so had to wing it and leave them round, however this just worked out fine. I have to say it is very very nice, No bread maker for me just good old fashioned elbow grease and it all cost a very small amount of dough It’s amazing what you can achieve with time on your hands. I plan to have another go at this and maybe make something a bit more exotic didn’t realise it was so easy, I fancy some Chelsea buns although I may have to give most of them away in order to stop me eating them all 🙂

Now where is the jam and a big cuppa tea.