Day 11: Prompting Places

Today the task is using prompts and the one I have chosen is Places and this is very apposite as I ponder my next move both physically and metaphorically. So much life is spent in one place and for most of us we want that stability of having those roots. However for whatever reason change comes along and makes us move whether we like it or not and that might be moving out of home for the first time, a job requiring a relocation, or just events causing that movement. I am at the latter end of that spectrum but rather than looking at it as a stress, upheaval or negative experience I am looking forward to embracing a change of life and location and am starting to draw up a list of possible places to lay my hat (Cheesy 80’s Alert) But some of the places may or may not come off and I have to be realistic about the the opportunities open to me.

However the past helps form the future and having lived in a number of cities I look at where I want to be and if thats in a city or out in the countryside and I am struggling with this dichotomy. I get a buzz from the city and the energies that you get from opportunities and socialising but the having been brought up in the countryside I often feel the need for space and nature. I guess I am just a grass is always greener guy.

Free-beach-wallpaperI have thought about temporarily trying out different places both here and in different countries and there are many ideas an blogs promoting mini-micro breaks, but you never really get a feeling for a place if you are just passing through for a weekend or so and this is where the 4HWW comes in (I am still working through this slowly) The idea of dipping in to a place for a chunk of time has been growing on me and as a project I have some plans for expanding these this year and more to follow on the blog.

Day #9; Getting Inspired

Todays task, well yesterdays task is to post about a site I left a comment on and so I will write a bit about my reason and thoughts on choosing the site. Like many in the Tiny House community I stumbled on it whilst looking around at other means of home owning on a budget. My primary goal at the time was to look at an effect way of finding a permanent home that will not have to rely on going into hock with the banks for the next millennia and having watched a load of things on Youtube I realised that downsizing was what I was thinking that I would be doing anyway. There are many things that need to happen before I get to the point of micro sizing my life but in the mean time I am soaking up as much information as possible. Now with the plethora of media rich content on the internet so much can be seen and learned without every leaving the comfy chair next to the fire. However one of the places I found that really solidified my thoughts to the type of living I wanted to pursue was over at these two sites and having really got into listening to podcasts found that both the bloggers have there own, more here.

So many of us get caught up in the rat race that requires us to acquire more of everything that the thought of restricting either doesn’t register or fills people with fear. However one of the things I have both realised and starting to live is that life is a lot happier when its simpler and having loads of stuff doesn’t make for happiness no matter what one thinks. Although my journey to a tiny life may take some time no harm in filling the mind up with knowledge.

running late

Having fallen behind on the blogging101 I am trying to catch up in one fell swoop. As usual life gets in the way of things and not feeling to brill, maybe it was a bit ambitious to think I could post everyday but that was the plan at the beginning of the blog. So where am I today, having to catch up with days six to nine and some of those tasks will be included in this post.

bench2015-03-12_16.00.21First up I have been moving the woodworks on in the last couple of days and now getting on with making the draws. In good bodging fashion I am winging it on the dimensions front as so far have got it all right, in fact I am pretty amazed at the quality of my work, I don’t mean I am being big headed, just that as it is being banged together by someone with no real hands on shop skills since school. After all this is reclaimed wood and is also not meant to be permanent. I hope to find space for my hackshop when I do eventually move on as it has given me much enjoyment building so far. Once the frames are done then I need to install the bases and here opens up opportunity to buy more  tools and in fact there can never be too many tools in ones workshop and any chance to get a new toy should not be turned down. I would love a shop full of toys but for the time being I have to accept space and monetary restraints.

Moving on into the 21st century when it comes to TV technology we had a 32″ LED telly donated by SiL and after protestations that previous monstrosity being perfectly good, once it had been set up and demoed it was out with the old and in with the new! I try not to watch too much tv as in the main it is populated with 100’s of channels of dross and as the nights get shorter I try to “do more” rather than be in winter hibernate mode. I have been itching to get an Apple TV as the Airplay option was something I had seen used on friends TVs and was impressed with the quality of video and images sent from their devices.  Now we can watch all sorts of wonderful content however the only downside is that the BBC iPlayer is not natively on the ATV but hey no sweats with beaming it from the phone.

And finally I need to get on with the tasks having fallen even further behind having started writing this yesterday but not completing. This was pretty much the indication that the initial blogging honeymoon period is over and the initial stream of posts dried up even with the 101 I had run out of steam. It is not an uncommon pattern in all sorts of parts of my life and whether it be learning or doing new things. However the important thing is where I go from here and I still have the intent to use this as a journal so far and just need to focus more on how I want to post. So maybe I will pen or should that be tap out my thoughts and experiences on a daily basis and they may be a long form or maybe just a sentence as a reminder. Anyway more blogging and less blathering.


Couple of days have gone by and I am struggling to keep up with the blogging101 though I haven’t fallen so far behind I have thought about giving it up, but I hadn’t reckoned on it taking up so much head time. This is all good as spending some time thinking is something that we done often have the luxury to dwell on. Part of the task is to write a post aimed at an audience that I am interested in connecting with, problem is at the moment I have no idea of that audience as I am primarily writing it for me and if others stop by and read for some time then thats all that matters (at the moment) 🙂 However I guess if wotsitallabout was to grow into a brand then it might take on some more significance. In this day and age “branding” is so important in fact brandedisation, is that a word, if not I’m claiming it has taken over sometimes it would seem the content, however I digress. If there was an audience I was aiming to connect with it would be one looking for new life paths and trying out new ways of life and living. I find myself coming across so many interesting and exciting ideas and projects that inspire me to think about the way I am living and how can I improve that. For me its a crossover or mash up or what ever the current term or phrase is to incorporate as much of this with out it taking over to the point of missing the fact that I am trying to slow down. As I have said before I struggle with the constant on culture but thats not to say I can’t learn from it and make connections with other like minded people as I go about my digital journey.

So in conclusion I leave you with this

Progress of sorts

whilst sitting in a car park waiting, waiting, i am amazed at what you can do on a smartphone though I really need a pair of glasses in the car. I have been distracted from progress for a couple of days that I wanted to achieve but none the less in other parts I have managed to take a couple of steps forward. I have started messing around with some 3D CAD Softwares but he learning curve is pretty steep but starting off with simple design helps but both have loads of online info and tutorials so have picked up loads pretty quickly. I have been messing around with home building amongst other things.

White Loaf with Pumpkin seeds

In other news I have had another crack at bread making and this time went for a white loaf and topped with pumpkin seeds. Really getting into this and am looking at trying out a rye bread next as I don’t eat huge amounts of bread but it mysteriously disappears. I have also got over my fear of dried yeast as I was told it’s not as good as fresh but in my experience it’s perfectly good.

I have also started the 3rd day of blogging101 and am looking at other blogs to start following and learn from. Again there is so much to look at that I am looking in bite sized chunks so not to be overwhelmed. Anyway is a good day.


Getting started with my daily challenges has been taking some time as there is just so much information to take in there are so many peoples blogs to read through. All right I am not going to be able to get through every single one but am trying to keep up with the progress, I am thinking about coining a phrase; “Limited Attention Deficit” and if its not I phrase I am making it one now. I am now caught in the dilemma of whether I should stay awake for the computer to go ping at midnight announcing the new challenge (failed there then as now its 05:08 on the 3rd) or to rest easy for the onslaught tomorrow. Well I say onslaught maybe I mean rush to complete, I say rush maybe I mean attempt to wake up before sunset and lethargically poke the keys on the keyboard either way it will get done tomorrow.

I am feeling a little fatigued having spent a day foraging for warmth, i.e. logs to keep us going till spring which hopefully won’t be that long and watching Rick Stein this evening in Oz and Tasmania made me think of warmer days and nights. It all looked so lovely, the seas just amazing and somewhere I would love to visit one day to see such sites and travel to the southern hemisphere. Certainly looks a more open and freer way of life but the grass is always greener.

Pinch, punch, first day of the month

Being a relative noob to noooo-media and blogging I received a mail from WordPress about a blogging 101. Now normally I don’t respond to these kind of emails but as it is free and maybe of some interest I thought I would give it a try. Hey what can go wrong? I have been thinking about my social media presence and the amount of effort needed to keep up with it all. I am thinking of cutting back my Twitter footprint as I just can’t keep up with the tidal wave of info. Don’t get me wrong there is so much positive stuff out there and I think that Twitter is the best way to capture these snippets. However time spent looking down all these paths takes up more and more of my daily life. Is it really that important, can I live without it and the answer to this question has to be yes. My goal is to cut back the feeds to the things that I am interested in and keep refining the level and quality of that feed. One of the reasons I like blogging and reading blogs is the un-hurried feel to them. Maybe I am a digital dinosaur but I find current levels of social media and connected world to be too much. Just look back to a time when we didn’t all have smartphones, tablets and permanently on lives, some may even remember the Telephone or even the phonebox. Now I am not saying lets go back to that, far from it as I have learnt so much and made new friendships at I would have never been able to do in the pre-www days, but sometimes we should disconnect and reconnect. Arguments on both side of the coin have validity and its just know when and where to draw the line.

So what will the 101 bring, who knows but I hope to improve my blogging skills, so stay tuned..