Progress of sorts

whilst sitting in a car park waiting, waiting, i am amazed at what you can do on a smartphone though I really need a pair of glasses in the car. I have been distracted from progress for a couple of days that I wanted to achieve but none the less in other parts I have managed to take a couple of steps forward. I have started messing around with some 3D CAD Softwares but he learning curve is pretty steep but starting off with simple design helps but both have loads of online info and tutorials so have picked up loads pretty quickly. I have been messing around with home building amongst other things.

White Loaf with Pumpkin seeds

In other news I have had another crack at bread making and this time went for a white loaf and topped with pumpkin seeds. Really getting into this and am looking at trying out a rye bread next as I don’t eat huge amounts of bread but it mysteriously disappears. I have also got over my fear of dried yeast as I was told it’s not as good as fresh but in my experience it’s perfectly good.

I have also started the 3rd day of blogging101 and am looking at other blogs to start following and learn from. Again there is so much to look at that I am looking in bite sized chunks so not to be overwhelmed. Anyway is a good day.

E is for..

ELIMINAeisforeliminateTE!! Slowly working through it. Keeping my attention focused is hard at the best of times but I set myself the goal of reading for 30 minutes of the day as this seems to be what I can manage at the moment. I have never been a huge reader and am constantly told that I should read more. Yes I can see the benefits but then I get my knowledge and enjoyment from discovering, adventuring and learning online. The downside is that it can take up sooo much time and take away from actually doing! But I have gained more than I have lost in my approach. There isn’t any walk of life or interest that you can’t find someone in the world that has posted up on Youtube or blogged about and to me that is amazing. Want to change a plug, learn to fly a kite, pour aluminium castings, learn an instrument to language, now is the time. Do something different. I am I started blogging.

And on that note at 06:55 I am going to get up and go for my morning walk that I stopped doing late last year but am restarting today in order to get to (a) goal.

Week 1

So the beginning of the week and the first real week to get started. In a lot of ways this is and will be a slow burner and like most blogs and bloggers its starting off with a torrent of posts but hopefully it won’t dwindle away to nothing like so many others. Having listened to and watched the “socioshpere” over some years I can see how this can be a somewhat gruelling task in the months and years to come however its something worth struggling for and as I say if nothing else I will have a picture of the past in both words and images. However like most things it just needs to be made a habit in the same way that we get up in the morning and have our various routines and rituals writing up posts needs to become a reflex.

Today has been pretty productive with some making taking place now fed and watered I can sit down in front of the fire and start planning for the future. I am contemplating what space I need and how I want to live having lived in a number of locations and in different sized spaces I have a pretty good feel for what will be right although a plan and a real space are two different things. Here in the UK space is and always has been a problem either owning it or getting it. Now with the average rents rising all the time it seems as though there is no better time to get into tiny living what ever this may be.

I am slowly building up a body of resources to help and guide me in my future project and there are loads of UScentric sites but am slowly uncovering UK and EU sites due to it not being as popular here yet. I really need to get some of this down on paper as I still like old school for certain things like mind mapping but the financials are better left to a spreadsheet (oh those happy days of VisiCalc)