medrawingb:w3Having started blogging very recently I felt it was more apposite to fill out some more info. I started it to document my thoughts and events from a point where life had suddenly changed. It happens to most people if not all at some point and i was not expecting such life events from having such an impact. So having gone from something to nothing I look forward to rebuilding life and getting to a point where happiness has returned. As with most things there are periods of inactivity and then spurts of growth and in life and literature I see it as a circle that mimics the seasons.

So in starting this I am looking to create a diary or journal of my progress back to life. I have number of strands of thoughts that may or may not diverge but plan to have fun exporting them. The primary goal is to find somewhere to live that is affordable and by I mean affordable I me cheap. I have recently found two communities that really appeal to me which are the Tiny House and Narrow Boating communities. The secondary or maybe this should be swopped around is to return to the world of generating income. Here I also want to find an alternative approach and whilst I have the gift of time want to investigate options for self employment. With age so comes some maturity so they say whereas something I had no clue about in my twenties are now far more possible.

The original bio said “A blog about thinking, making, doing stuff. Particular interests in make communities, open sourcery, downsizing, tiny living and widening the mind and moving on.” That just about says it.

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