Group learning

Whilst sitting around this lazy Sunday morning I came across this TEDtalk which I found pretty illuminating. Funny how you can see something everyday but not be aware of what it’s purpose is.

I know this is a bit dated and old news to many but new to me and I find the crowd sourcing model very interesting and the fact that in this case it is being used for the benefit of the many.

Running from the rain.

Just getting back to the daily walk gig and the last couple of days have been a taste of what’s to come I feel. I have even had to break out the boots and big coat out. Its a bit of a shock and with the light decreasing time to hunker down. Whilst heading home yesterday I turned to take a look behind me to be met with this view. Not often there is rain chasing the Sun on my walks but we’ve been having some strange weather recently.

Looking at the Sunrise and Sunset times there is no reason why I shouldn’t be getting back to the early morning walks as I have been very lazy over the last month, just need a kick up the behind to get going again!