Over the yard arm

Things have been rather busy round here with comings and goings but now as we head into autumn things are quietening down and a more normal pace of life returns. In a rather bizarre way I have been out less in the last couple of months and looking back at my runkeeper I can see progress is much better in the cooler winter months than the height of summer where with the long hot days you would think that it would be easier and far more pleasant. Apparently not for me. It is at this time of the year that I turn to thinking about trudging around in layers of clothing and soggy feet. But this year I am going to do something about this state of affairs and invest in some sturdy boots. In the past I have always got cheaper types that have lasted me a reasonable but no where near long enough time. Yes I know that you get what you pay for but I never really saw the point as I was more of a weekend warrior or should that be plodder.

We have two walking shops near us and I am going to investigate them and see what’s on offer. Of course I should have done this at the beginning of summer probably but I do believe in supporting local business as its all to easy to Amazon it and I suppose that maybe in a generation we’ll be shopping that way but I guess I am kinda old school and want to support the local community.

So today also marks the return to the swimming pool after the “kiddies” have returned to school and I am guessing everything is going to ache tomorrow, we’ll see..


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