The Money Game #2

IMG_1343.jpegThis will be the first of hopefully many trips to the bank in the the coming weeks, months and probably years in the quest to get to financial freedom. Yes there are many schemes out there that promise all sorts of wealth and wisdom and budget cutting plans that help save money but ultimately it all boils down to saving money that you have or can get. There’s no hocus pocus about this and ultimately it all depends on ones own financial position. If you are in the lucky position to have money easily available then you will find this kind of task easy, probably, and I have long believed that the more money one has the more it comes to you as in the rich get richer.. However if you are on a bread line or even worst it is not that simple and I have heard and read articles, blog posts and tweets expounding the fact that anyone can go from rags to riches if only they try hard enough. Now we all know this to blatantly untrue and can see and may have personal experiences of poverty where the only thought is where is the next meal coming from. It is also a lot down to chance, being in the right place at the right time, knowing the right person or people and I can see through my life that this has always been the driving factors to opportunities and choices presented and made by me.

However, as I sit here on my bed writing this post if I had access to the information now available to me via the wonders of the internet life might have been rather different. I am not saying that I want to be the next Bill Gates or Richard Branson though I might have done when I was much younger but certainly financial stability would have been/is high on my list of life goals. Schooling provided no guidance on the world of money and the only real advice was on the day that the local bank manager sat me down and said “this is one of the most important days of your life, much like getting your first job, getting married and buying your first house”. Wondered why at sixteen I was being advised on home buying and marriage as those were the last things my mind at that tender age. As life went on yes I experienced a lot of the check box goals like owning a home, having a nice car, going on memory creating holidays and having a large salary but ultimately that was not built on solid ground and therefore didn’t last, maybe I should have remembered back to that conversation. Obviously economic climates have a part to play in all this and having been through a number of recessions there are times when it seems that there is little or no opportunity to save far from building an life changing amount of cash.

Funnily enough I have had a couple of conversations with family members over the last few weeks that highlighted the lack of financial education through the family and generations. Maybe it’s just that our immediate family was never very interested in money or the creation of wealth with both sides coming from relatively modest backgrounds but I would say it is an average on that on the whole tries to live within its means. Our parents and there parents were the generation coming out of the wars where money and resources were scarce but that lead to conflicting behaviour of abandon and austerity. Were were always taught not to waste anything be that food, cloths, water or even string! However that resourcefulness didn’t extend over into our induction to the world of commerce.

I still feel that my goal is one of need not greed, having no desire for a Ferrari in the drive, big spacious house etc but more a life of freedom, the need not to have to work in the traditional sense. There is an ever increasing movement to no job working and is interesting in the fact that where does the traditional world of work fit if we are all sitting on exotic beaches in far flung places remotely managing our lives from there. Who and what is going to keep the plates spinning. Maybe we are seeing a shift away from the past paradigms to a new form of life, and often the change is happening in plain site but without us seeing as we are too wrapped up in our own existents to see. There are many more clever people working on this but it is interesting noodling in an idyll moment.

I guess this rather long ramble is to the point that I too am now hopefully setting off on that path to my own metaphorical exotic beach and the journey may not be easy but it will undoubtedly be hopefully be fun.

So kicking off documenting I start at Level 77 as I have rounded up £200 and added the £3.87 for this level and now the game commences in seriousness. As I said this will probably be slow progress but we will see.

Update: I failed to add information to how the scale iterates so I will add the Google Spreadsheet on wordpress site.


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