Thought of the day – Piggybank Plan


It’s Sunday afternoon on a bank holiday weekend and things have been rather slow over the last week and a impromptu dash to collect family for a holiday here took some getting over due to travelling on the hottest day of the year and being stuck in a traffic jam for nearly two hours in 40ºC and the very energetic niece and nephew have slowed progress in all things but hey..

So to down to the point of the post here is a picture of a wallet, a wallet with some money in it, my wallet. Something that I once took for granted and used every day now it sits forlorn on a shelf sometimes for weeks but now is the time to start changing that. I have managed to accumulate surprisingly a grand total of one hundred and seventy pounds through a number of avenues and adventures and I am now trying to think of ways to grow this. There are so many things out on the internet on how to spend money, save it and make it that it is somewhat fuddling and there are plenty of experts to tell you how you should be maximising your profit potential. In reality it is down to effort and determination both things I have a drought of at the moment but the intention is to see if I can grow this a bit up until Christmas to help pay for the inevitable present buying bonanza.

A couple of things are on the horizon for earning a bit of extra but I like the idea of using what one already has to make more. I suppose I should of been out selling umbrellas as we are having a typically wet bank holiday or it could have been wellies or ponchos you get the drift. But the idea of taking a seed and growing appeals to me just putting it into practice is harder but for now the thinking cap is fully on. The piggybank tales will continue.


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