Pins & Needles 

As one who comes from a long life in internetland I am surprisingly ill informed about what’s going on out there on ‘the street’ and as we speak I still haven’t tried the latest big things like Snapchat, Instagram and Pokemon Go. On the whole probably won’t as I find it hard enough to keep up with Facebook and Twitter so adding in more layers of distraction to the day is not productive for me even if it is to get one outside, I get enough of that anyway.

However yesterday I dipped into Pinterest and wow what a new world of distraction(s) I never realised I needed it till I looked at it and the ease which you can build up boards for in my case reference material is pretty slick. In the past I guess I would have trawled Flickr and Google images etc and then linked to them or built up my list of links in Notes whereas now I have one place I can go to and just the diversity and holes to disappear down are just endless.

Now I know I am probably the last person in the world maybe the universe to discover these wonders but if you haven’t taken a look over there now is the time. I can see some serious work going into browsing Pinterest and building up my home building reference library for one.

Just for the record you can see my fledgling pins over here


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