Early one morning

I set off on my early morning walk today and got a few step on my way and thought that this was such a lovely morning I should really get the bike out and give it a go. It is really hr best time to do it before the roads become clogged with traffic as the lanes are not very wide and meeting anything on them usually means having to get off and out of the way specially for all the farm traffic and with he wind in ones ears it’s not always easy to hear traffic coming.

Its a six mile circuit which doesn’t sound much but there are a couple of ferocious hills that need to be climbed and although my bike has a ridiculously low gear to the point it is quicker to get off and walk it is still a bit of an effort. Having watch the Tour de France and the Olympic road race it feels puny compared to that but it was a bit of a workout that I don’t normally get on my walks. I did get off and walk a bit as thought it might be safer and quicker to get up but if the weather is the same tomorrow I’ll give it another go and see if I can get up all in one go.

Interestingly it wasn’t much more calorifically than the walk I do but it did take less time so unless the weather is really nice I’ll stick to the walking as I enjoy this more and I can collect sticks which is a bit difficult whilst pedalling along..

Anyway lets see if the weather holds and if I can go a bit further next time. No pain no gain it is said..


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