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After nearly three years I have finally got my Raspberry Pi2 out of its box and powered it up after having to hunt around for all the bits and bobs. I was surprised that I managed to find it all as I had packed away in different places and wasn’t sure it would actually start up.

So now to the fun bit, what actually to do with it? Probably the first thing to try out is a media centre as it is the easiest to configure. I booted with the standard Rasbian and set up the ssh and webmin servers so I can run it headless and looking at some forums should not have to worry too much about power outages though I may look at providing some UPS in the future if I start using it on a permanent basis. There are many, many projects out there for this little mini computer and I like the idea of using it for some home automation stuff and it might be a fun tool to run some solar power tests down the line. In fact there are many projects out there to get stuck into. For £35 you can’t go wrong and with the RPi3 being even better it would seem that the Pi is going to become quite an important part of the hacking/open sourcing tool kit for some time to come.

Anyway just though I would mark the point


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