Park & Walk

IMG_1167Whilst taking a load of books to the charity shop nearby I came across this little book and its funny looking cover. Bit of a time warp really as the book comes from the early 1970’s and it certainly shows it just look at the cars and the hairstyles. Interestingly it was written at the time of decimalisation and so that there is a nod to the fact that we were joining Europe and that there was a need to integrate metric systems, bit ironic as we seem to be going back the other way.

I actually managed to barter the pile of books that I was donating in exchange for this and so spent no money which was nice though the lady at the till was very reluctant to at first, thinking I was trying something on or trying to get it for nothing. After a few minutes of explaining in ways that could not be simpler the penny dropped and was happy to let me out of the door with out releasing the hounds.

So what next, well maybe it would be rude not to try it out or at least some of the walks although most of the walks are somewhat shorter than I usually do but maybe I can combine with others. Being a bit of a completionist I feel that I should do them in the  original form and could maybe do a few in a day as I will be ‘motoring’ over to do them. Now I just need to find some driving gloves and some 70’s retro clothing..

We’ll see..


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