Thought of the day – Uncluttering

IMG_1162.jpegYesterday at the crack of dawn I set off with a family friend to do a local car boot sale. It was the most summery morning we have had so far and with not a cloud in sight it soon took the early morning chill out of the air. Once set up it was time to sit back and watch the money come rolling in, hahahaha. I knew it wasn’t going to be a 100% success but we and all the carbooters and traders around us were saying that it was going very slowly to not at all. One one of the best days of the year you would expect to do reasonably well but that was not to be. My friend, who is does it for a living , couldn’t understand it too. It would see that the car boot going public are a jaded, finicky lot and that the good old days of the gold rush are long gone.

This leads me to think seriously about the stuff I have that I want to get rid of and what I am going to do with it. Sitting and standing in that park yesterday made me realise even more so that I no longer want to allow clutter into my life and that only the things that are necessary are to be kept. In fact it was a rather landmark moment in that I decided that I would unless I could sell either on eBay or locally would give, donate, dump everything and not cling on to these things that I had always thought would coming in useful some day. That day so far hasn’t materialised so why hoard stuff just in case.

Today’s task is to get back to sorting through the boxes and bags and thinning out and down the unnecessary, probably won’t get it done in a day but every journey is started with a step or whatever the saying is.

Or maybe that should be “I’m moving on to minimalism” 🙂


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