Films – Jason Bourne

Last night we went to see Jason Bourne. I deliberately didn’t read anything about the movie as not to spoil it and apart from an interview with Paul Greengrass which he didn’t reveal any of the plot line I had no preconceptions. I really like the Bourne trilogy with a believable narrative and a realism unlike Bond that was refreshing. Hard to believe that it is 15 years since Bourne burst onto the screen and though Matt Damon looked a lot younger then, didn’t we all, he still looks the part.

So to the verdict, hmm well I enjoyed it but it was definitely a departure from the previous trilogy and it had a number of scenes that just went on for way to long. A lot of the film was signposted by ones that could have been used on a motorway and the storyline was way to transparent. I think Bourne is at his best when he is having to use his wits and with this film seemingly he wasn’t using those talents to there fullest. Not sure if Hollywood got their mits on this as I felt Tommy Lee Jones, a good actor but wrong for the part as the CIA boss. It felt more like a Bond movie but the plot of global espionage of populations is timely but I will leave it with the thought that it was a good evenings entertainment but not as gritty as I was expecting.

I’m now going to go back and have a Bournefest and watch the original three..


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