Circling around

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 17.28.17In an old timer voice I can hear my self saying “I remember when the circle line was the circle line” An interesting look at the tube system in London and some of the things that most people  miss. I have had a couple of circuits on the old line due to being some what incapacitated by an evenings consumption of rather fine alcoholic beverages. And also explained to many hapless travellers they were going in the wrong direction, but hey if they stayed on they would reach there destination and in fact made the same mistake when I first arrived in the metropolis. I miss the sounds of the tube and traveling on it. There is something exciting and yet disconcerting reaching a deserted platform at night with the warmth and distant noises and the the faint waft of air building up to a gust then the sound of the train, bursting out into the station to take you away, away home. Much has already been written about London Underground but I remember one night on the way home our driver on the Central Line giving us a brief history of each station we pulled into, he must have been bored, can’t be fun stuck down there in the darkness all day and night. One day I will return again.


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