Uphill then downhill then uphill

IMG_1126.jpegToday’s walk started off in sunshine but rapidly moved to the weather in the distance of this photo. I really need to get some proper waterproof leggings as to say I got a good drenching is an understatement. However the top half was toasty warm and dry which was all that mattered. It is still warm here and though it rained loads it was still a pleasant day out with the sun coming out for the lunch stop even. I actually like walking in the rain at this time of the year it is refreshing and when you get to the end of the walk with a glowing sense of satisfaction it’s not the end of the world if ones trousers are a bit damp. Today ended with an impressive deluge, I had been keeping an eye out behind me as I raced up the final hill and I could see the clouds heavy with rain chasing me and in somewhat comedic and film like timing as the door slammed shut the skies opened. Sitting there in the shelter and warmth of the car I thought how wonderful the invention that I was sitting in was. That it had transported¬†me to a place of beauty that one hundred years ago would not have been possible under normal conditions and that it was providing me with my own little world protected from the outside world. It took me back to my first car and the freedom that it gave me and my friends and the adventures we had with it and the similar peering out through clouded windows to see what lay ahead. Now if only I hadn’t drunk all my tea earlier life would have been almost perfect.

I must also look for a new pair of hiking boots as my last pair gave up the ghost earlier this year thankfully after the winter spell but I feel the damper weather coming and need to get prepared so not to have an excuse for not going out.


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