Tiny life by the sea

Living big in a Tiny House – Tiny House by the sea

Find myself thinking about and looking at Tiny Houses on youtube and thinking about the possibilities. This vid above really struck a chord, not just for the living space and specs but also the ethos of not wanting a mortgage again. I have also been thinking about how will I want to live when this chapter ends and I have to move on and being rational about the options I feel that this is the best and most suitable solution having ruled out living on a narrowboat and converting a van to camper van. I have long been interested in building my own place having got sucked into the self-build fashion back in the 90’s. Although this was based on the fact it was a full sized house and consequently full sized budget. Now that life is much different and the need for ‘things’ has reduced over the years I can now see living in a small space far more clearly than I could when I first started thinking about living in my own build.

One of the main factors to all this and as stated in other posts here, land is the stumbling block and as more people want to do the same thing and the population grows the scarcity and cost of it increases by the day not to mention big corporate developers swallowing up any land that comes up.

I have also been collecting pins on Pinterest where there is a wealth of ideas and although the bulk of tiny house living is done in other parts of the world it is not impossible to live tiny here just needs a lot more research and planning. Ok off  back down the rabbit hole..



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