House & Home

We seem to be moving towards the season of lengthening nights that promote settling down in front of a roaring fire and the TV though not just yet if I can avoid it. However  Shed of the year is back on the telly and I love the look at the eccentricities of this wonderful land, its people and their sheds. It is amazing to see the efforts that people go to in order to extend their empire down the garden and the completely diverse characters of those sheds. Whether it’s a potting shed, artist studio, home cinema, workshop, railway empire or just somewhere to sit the depth and variety is just inspiring, it is well worth a watch if your able to.

Amazing Spaces also hosted by Architect George Clarke is a fascinating look at unconventional homes and spaces built by people who embrace quirkiness. I love watching these programs as I definitely take notes and stash away ideas in the vague plan that if I get to a point of owning my own home again I will not be settling for the traditional ‘box’ house. There are many ideas to pull from and part of my problem is that I want so many of them that  it is hard to decide which would be best. But one can dream.

I also like Grand Designs but for a different reason as on the whole the majority of the projects Kevin McCloud covers have budgets in the hundreds of thousands rather than the tens and so on the whole out of my league. And it is really a bit of performance art with Kevin spreading a tale of woe at the beginning to then finish up grudgingly admiring the efforts of the home owners. There have been many great and clever ideas that again has gone in the scrap book.

And finally The House That 100k Built. An interesting look at how more can be done for less and although the series is not on iPlayer at the moment it can be viewed elsewhere and with most if not all these programs one needs a certain level of scepticism due to the nature of it being a tv show and it being produced to show a particular view of life as a self builder and the architect(s) abilities, but like all these programs threads can be taken and woven together and with the addition of social media such as Instagram and Pinterest into ones own picture. Then it only remains to find the money and fire up the project management software.


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