As I play around with my Wacom and I have been playing around with it a lot recently I am becoming increasingly interested in finding some serious uses for the tablet and that given I can’t afford an iPad Pro at the moment and really until I can find genuine reasons to have one as there are many things on the list before I could blow best part of a grand on one, I am happy to keep trying out ideas. One of those ideas to keep popping up in my head is to take the little strip I have been drawing over the last few weeks and have a go at animating it. I realise that this is not only a steep learning curve but also very time consuming, however as time is the one thing I have, it would seem like a fun to do.

I have been looking online at how others have gotten started in this and there is a dizzying array of methods and modes. Given that I don’t have a Pixar budget and access to a team of animators to offload the grunt work to I am going to have to start right from the beginning so this is going to be a long term project so don’t expect any feature length movies to appear in the next couple of days and know my concentration levels what seemed an amazingly good idea now will next week be a long distant memory.

However with all these creative things it is the idea that is the star of the show and is the hardest thing to come up with in the first place. I have a relatively easy task as I am taking everyday events that I put together for my doodle. The storyboard is easy once I have decided on what the story for the week is it is also fun to do and something I hadn’t thought about till trawling the net of info and help. I don’t plan to do this as a regular thing and am really just going to see how far I get with it and will post something as and when it’s worth it.

At the moment I have downloaded Pencil2D for the animation software as I don’t have access to Flash as my budget stated earlier is zero and the interface is a bit dated but you can’t complain at free and although I am trying to use it on my MacBookPro I’m not having much luck so have switched to the Linux version running in a VM. The documentation is a bit limited but theres enough info with the tuts on YouTube to get started. So without further a do, I’ll get started.


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