Gotta video?

Having filled up my phone with video footage from our recent trip to the North Yorks Moors Railway I thought I better do something with it rather than just leave it pretty much never to be seen again. This is something I have been wrestling with for some time and something I’m sure that is not unique to me. I want to go though my whole image collection and sort out something that would be manageable and interesting to the family to see and maybe for future generations but before I get all morbid.. It is also fun looking back at ones snaps.

Anyway I digress and back to the topic in hand. iMovie on the Mac has been around for ages and was definitely a go to app for video creation but as time has gone on and the app matured it received several updates that took it away from it’s original simple and easy to use format to what seems a far more complicated interface and mode of use. I personally just want to be able to plop a bunch of clips together with maybe some fades and titles to make a simple video. One of the things I hadn’t noticed was the amount of disk space iMovie now gobbles up so anything that keeps the workflow simple and light is a good thing.

Step forward Shotcut, an open source video editing app. I came across it when looking at animation software but at the time was still using iMovie for everything. It is a very easy to use app and does everything that I want it to do and there are tutorial vids on youtube and best of all it’s free and cross platform. So now I can bore the world with my home videos 🙂


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