It has been a very busy coupe of days with our family friends and yesterday saw us head off in the opposite direction from the previous day out in the Lakes towards the east coast and heritage steam railway at Pickering. In usual fashion we were late leaving and attempting to get there for two o’clock found us arriving to find out due to earlier problems the train we thought we had missed was running late.

It was a lovely day and something very relaxing about slowly chuffing along in an old fashioned train with comfortable seats and the scenery is pretty spectacular too. I really like that particular area and use to visit many times and thought about moving to the area but unfortunately my work took me away to the bright lights and big city.

It is amazing to think of all of the effort that goes into the running of one of these lines, which is mostly run on volunteers, but it is no small operation and looking around the interweb it brings in millions of revenue to the local community way more that the orginal line before it’s closure. The old time railways seem to have come back into fashion as seen by the increase in programs on the TV about them including one we watched last night. It is interesting how much life changed at the coming of the railways.

Once again I seemed to survive on a diet of cake because due to the delays and tight timings we had to hop off one train almost run for the one to take us back missing out on the planned lunch stop. However we were treated to a lovely meal out later when we got back home, added bonus no washing up 🙂

And finally an evening stroll to end the day..



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