And finally, well maybe


Not often you see a WWII Spitfire Fighter plane sitting in a car park of a English pub but today was one of those days. It is a 1940’s weekend in a local town and there all sorts of events going on. From the historic vehicles and said plane there were steam traction engines and old working wagons and buses to dance lessons in the market place and some crooners outside one of the pubs.

But the most striking thing was the number of people dressed up in period clothing, forces personal both UK and US, civvy street and glamorous ladies down to the spivs and spies. There were all ages and the surprising thing was how many young people were getting into the spirit of it. Maybe it’s just the eccentric Brits but they all seemed to be having fun and the stalls selling all the period clothing and paraphernalia.

I am going to have a day off tomorrow as all this ‘having fun’ is tiring and also I have been missing my walks so need to get back to the grind stone.




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