It’s not often I get to the Lake District and given that it’s not that far form here really should make more of an effort but yesterday we spent the day looking round the lower coastal region and eastern edge. A trip to Leven’s Hall and Sizergh Castle were the focus of the day and as ever the National Trust tea rooms did us proud with Tea and cake.

Although I am not that fussed about going to old houses and gardens unlike my younger years, I am mellowing as I get older and can usually find something interesting to see or do even if thats walking around the gardens or parks. I am even softening up to the idea of joining the National Trust, who’d have thought it and having watched the series on the Landmark Trust I am becoming more interested in the architect and history of our buildings. This one sounds particualrly interesting great for a family holiday if they can save it, I have put a few pennies in.

The day continued with a tour back towards Kendal famous for mint cake and then onward to home and a rather hastily cooked meal. All in all a grand day out and a lovely reminder of between here and there. Must make more of an effort to go and see..

IMG_1002IMG_1020The way home.


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