On the street.


Yesterday whilst out in York getting a haircut I thought I would actually look up the history of Whip-Ma-Wop-Ma-Gate having lived in the city many years ago and also visited many times I have passed by the little ‘street’ and never given it a moments notice. Turns out it was a place of public humiliation. Nowadays it is full of people like myself taking photos and walking tours heading off into the Shambles. Yesterday like today was extremely hot and finally some reward for all the cold wet months we had to endure previously.

I do like York and it is one of the locations I am planning to move to when the time comes and like living in London one avoids the centre during the day unless it is necessary due to the volume of people. But I like the vibe of the place and the fact it is well connected. Not to big to be over whelming and not so small that there is nothing to do, added to that the cycle friendliness. Next time I go I’ll be taking my folding bike to have a mooch around with my brother and hopefully the weather will hold.


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