Saturday stroll

IMG_0926.jpegYesterday my brother and I went for an 8 mile walk although this is not that long it has some pretty steep gradients both down and up and heading into prevailing Westerlies outbound added some resistance to ones efforts. Finally we had what can pass as a proper summers day and although pretty windy at the start of the walk due to the elevation it calmed down once in the protection of the leeward side of the hill that we would follow along on the majority of the walk. It seems as though the track, on old drovers track, has been somewhat upgraded to allow huge tractors to pass along as we found out with a succession of huge haymaking equipment that thundered by as we had to step aside for and a little town car that seemed lost with a rather apprehensive some might say scare looking  young couple who stop us and asked if it was going to get worse? I did fancy saying  {NB, Don’t watch if your squeamish or a minor!)Stay off the moors” but as it was a warm sunny day.. told them that they should get through but enquired why they had ventured up so far from the main road and civilisation and was told cheerily that they wanted a bit of adventure.. Well they so say one should do one thing that scares you each day, not sure if I concur with that statement.


On reaching our stopping point the wind had dropped and added with cover of trees made for a very pleasant lunch. As with most beauty spots and it being a weekend there were other walkers arriving and leaving but there were less people than I had expected. Normally I go mid week and pretty much have the place to myself not that I am bothered by others or want to experience the place “on my own” just it’s nicer. As we sat and enjoyed sandwiches and tea a minibus arrived disgorging at swarm of tripod lugging, huge camera totting photographers. It was funny to watch them vying for prime position and obviously somewhat displeased at there being others there before them and then a couple having the affront to want to go “wild swimming” in front of them. Apparently it was warm and pleasant we were told though I’m not sure I would want to do it unless it was a boiling hot day.

IMG_0934.jpegAnd finally the view rewarded at the end of the walk and a bit of a climb! As you can imagine this is a popular spot and on arrival there were a number of cars with there occupants gazing out peacefully at the view over to the North Yorks Moors. However within a few short moments we were left alone with nothing but the noise of birds and the whistle of the wind to keep us company which was surprising maybe it was our dazzling personalities, glaring sunburn or maybe the bodily odours wafting on the breeze.. hey whatever works. Then a tootal back down the lanes to a nice cuppa tea..