Gathering grey


Yesterday on the way to supper I saw this scene and thought wow. This was shortly before the heavens opened and thankfully had stopped by the time we had reached our destination. But for me its the light, that small patch of light that captures the scene, had I been a minute either side of the picture it would have looked a very different way. When I see these windows of light I think how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. But this particularly reinforced that feeling. We are meant to be on the receiving end of a weather plume coming up from Spain bring with it warm temps and stormy weather, well this certainly looked like the beginning of it and was it ever humid.

Being the driver I wasn’t able to drink but I was introduced to a couple of great cheeses for my abstinence and one stood out for me. Yes I do live the high life.. and no I don’t go to London to buy my cheeses but from a rather great local shop. Along with some charcoal crackers I have never tried before, I was impressed with the combination. The fellow guests were discussing the merits of certain wines but I have to admit I much prefer an Ale to go with cheese, don’t get me wrong I won’t turn down a good wine but I just think a good beer wins out.



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