A dollop of paint

IMG_0892.jpegIts 07:30am on Saturday morning as I write this and I have woken up to many aches and pains in places I didn’t think that could get these aches and pains. The reason for these is that yesterday it was decided that the kitchen needed to be painted and in an old house this is no small undertaking, also this is not a particularly small room and with a high ceiling I always knew it would be a bit of a challenge.

Having spent most of my later adult life at desk bound jobs, graft or hard work was always a bit of the shock to the system. However I think all the hours I have put into walking and other physical jerks have paid off as although its a temporary discomfort I am definitely in better shape than what I would have been when I first got back here. In fact I am surprised at the amount of physical exertion walking up and down letters and waving a paint brush around over ones head actually takes.

There’s no way I would want to do this for a living spending hours a day doing it but there is a certain satisfaction to doing a hard, well I say hard, more like moderately hard days work and getting to the end and seeing the fruits of your labours. Kind of reminds me of all the outdoor manual jobs in my youth and the feeling at the end of the day having survived to see another day.

All this does make me think though that I don’t want to live in a) an old house, due to the maintenance and b) a big house, due to the scale of the maintenance. In fact the more I have to do these things the more I just want to live in a Small house. I find so much inspiration from these types of spaces and there are loads of site out there to while away the hours.

I shouldn’t be tapping away on here but getting a second coat on and feeling the burn. 🙂