Cloud(s) of the day

IMG_0860.jpegThis picture doesn’t do it justice but had the urge to go out and take an evening stroll after seeing this from a window. It seems like there is a short window to enjoy these moments and as we have been having so much unsettled weather recently, nights like these have been few and far between and whilst we have so much daylight I love to get outside. The weather has been so changeable over last couple of months that skies like this have been rather rare. In fact I noted yesterday a morning temperature of 24degC feeling like a proper summers day to then and evening one of 11degC more like then onset of late Autumn. If there is one thing the Brits like to whinge/moan/discuss about it is the weather and it’s a never ending source of conversation.If you find yourself stuck somewhere in fact anywhere and you want to strike up a conversation just start talking about how either good or bad the weather is and before you know it you will have put the worlds to rights.

I am hoping that we will get some summer this year as family are jetting off to sunny climes for there annual sun worshipping. Still, time yet for some here, but for the moment we seem to be getting four seasons in one day.


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