Yesterday we went on a bit of a road trip as it was the last day that my Aunt who is over from Australia would be spending with us so we decided to take her to see “birds n stuff”. Personally I have no interest in twitching but was happy to tag along and be the chauffeur as this was one of the things she wanted to do. Lighthouses have a long and interesting history and until relatively recently here in the UK were manned. I can’t help think of the Shipping Forecast when I am near a lighthouse and the stormy weather conditions they warn against. One this day however the sea was placid and calm and although the cumulus clouds were gathering it was a summers day in quotes and not a ship wreak in site.

Then it was off back inland via a scenic route taking us on a route never travelled. I also think about all the roads even in my own neighbourhood that I haven’t been down and what lies there. Most of the time we are just trying to get from A to B but if there is time try the road less travelled. Having spent most of my life in cities, travelling down these ting lanes and coming across little villages that look like time forgot and remind me of a past time that I thought had long disappeared. With the passing of time it is I guess a thing of age that one looks back and sees the changes to the landscape and although most of the time we don’t notice them they are happening. But in that drive back through the countryside it was if transported back to a bygone age, a summer in the country. Ahh how the mind wanders. Anyway back to reality of a Monday morning.

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Lighting the way