Thought of the day – Midsummer’s Eve (A look back)

So here we are standing on the middle of the year as far to look back as to look forward and I can’t believe the year is going so quickly. When I started this blog over a year ago I started out with great gusto and intentions and then promptly let it languish until this year when I started off after Christmas with lots of energy and intention. However this too found a slump around April when I seemed to lose interest and could find the words or content to keep it going. Like all things in life there is an ebb and flow and this blog being no different I was looking back and reading through the posts to see the flow of the last year to see what I have been up to mainly. This was really the primary aim of all of this, to be just a diary for me to record my experiences and thoughts and also a kind of record for my family to look back at. There’s a whole subject to post on but not today but really I think that is all we are all really doing, is keeping a diary, unless ‘one’ is trying to sell something. But it is interesting to look back over time and admittedly mine is a very short space of digital time but non the less it is a record that is kept. I’m not sure If I have said before as I haven’t gone back and read every single post but there were/are very few pictures of the family growing up due to Dad not wanting to take “snaps” of us, quite why I have never really understood. So with the birth of digital cameras where one was only limited by the size of the memory card there is a sea of imagery that has been created. Remembering back to my nieces’ first birthday and my sister-in-law proudly telling me she had 627 pictures of the little party they had. Don’t get me wrong, if it wasn’t for the digital camera we wouldn’t probably put as much effort into these blogs as we do and they to my mind wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. For me the greatest part of reading others blogs is for the pictures. Maybe it stems back to a time when photos were sort of precious and not the common currency that they are now. But I do think a picture beats a thousand words and this brings me back to the initial thought of keeping a visual record of ones past experiences.

I have been battling with the internal voice as to what I should be writing here and how much I actually want to commit to ink, or is that digital paper and looking round the net I have built a of what the norm seems to be and have settled for that. As a process report, it doesn’t seem to read as though there has been much progress and all the things I have talked about in terms of goals have on the whole either not come to fruition or been sidelined for what ever reason. Like on all my school reports as a kid it always said “could do better” and “is not pushing himself”. I now feel much better than I did last year, which is a good thing and although progress has been slow in certain areas in others it has been rather rapid. Trying new things out has been something I have been trying to introduce in the last six months and to that end I have made some good steps forward. The Swimming springs to mind as something I had for absolutely ages thought about doing but never had the nerve to follow through. But that has opened up a whole new path of activities I am going to investigate. As for the other things I have been trying to incorporate, volunteering has not paned out as expected and I never realised how difficult it was to offer ones time. Maybe its just the things and location I am trying or maybe I am not putting enough effort into pursuing it but now is the time to step it up a gear whilst we have light and warmth.

What will the next six months hold, who knows, but you can bet it won’t be as expected. I will look back to this post and see where I stand both psychically and literally, one year on from when I truly started this blogotron journey and one of my favourite quotes “You live and learn. At any rate, you live.” ― Douglas Adams

Till next year…… 🙂


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