Beep beep

P1020897Every year for the last eleven I have been going to the BTCC rounds at Croft race circuit with my best mate and this year was no exception. We were both reminiscing about the bygone days which is when we worked out how long it had been. We had spent many hours playing TOCA when we shared a house after an amicable split from his then girl friend left him with rent to make up. So for three happy years we jostled for position on a virtual leader board playing out a fantasy that one day we may actually get on to a race track and race a real race. Unfortunately that dream never materialised but as a commiseration we started going to see the real racing at our ‘local’ circuit.

Over the years we have seen the changes to both the racing and the track and this year was no exception. Crowds were up and boy could you notice it but BTCC is a happy family on the whole and apart from the car park antics which I’ll mention later its very much a great day out. Although I really enjoy going to this one meet I wouldn’t want to go to all the races on the calendar and much prefer to sit in the comfort of my living room and watch on the telly as there is so much more that you see that you don’t get from a rather limited view that you have trackside. But on the flip side sitting at home you don’t get the real noise and experience.

As part of my year of getting out and about this is one of those such events that I look forward to and next year we are planning an additional trip out to Oulton Park if the planets align and we can make it happen. So back to parking, and why people do what they do. Numerous studies have been done as to behavioural effects of how we change when we get in our cars and yesterday was no exception to the few who don’t want to follow the norms and just want to get there own way. Well for one selfish driver it was a hard lesson. After thinking they were going to get one over on the ‘rest’ of us they learnt the hard way. Sometimes manners do matter and not only did they not beat the queue but got a very expensive bill for a very expensive car that the managed to break a wheel off when the masses refused to let them in and bow down to the bad behaviour by trying to go place it wasn’t meant to go. Always nice to see some schadenfreude. Till next year then.


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