Two wheel tease

IMG_0647.jpegYesterday I set off to a cycling rally in York where I met my up with my brother and we had hoped to see a number of things however on arrival it became apparent that this was not the show we was looking for. There were a number of tents with either small displays or people selling bits and bobs in but not the clubs we had been hoping to look up. The middle of the racecourse had a whole lot of motorhomes and campers so obviously plenty of people had come to see it and as we came away there were loads of people on their bikes, from serious looking road racers to families out for an amble. There was a display as seen above of vintage bikes and some older chaps standing around it discussing the relative merits of the Holdsworth underslung back sprocket derailleur, ok so I made that bit up but on the whole there was little interaction. Every hobby, pastime has it’s committed followers and this being no different there were many knowledgeable people but not much for the outsider. It was all a bit village feté like and maybe it was we just we got there too early but I don’t think so.. If one doesn’t succeed the first time… Oh well on to the next event..


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