Thought of the day – doodles

So I now have Pixelmator which is a rather groovy image manipulation application that does a load of things most of which I won’t use or need but it is a really nice app. It has been touted as a David against Adobe’s Photoshop Goliath. It’s a long time since I opened up Photoshop and I was in no way a power user but had my moments but starting out with Pixelmator there’s so much to play with and learn even for my child like doodlings. Previously I had been using Autodesk’s Sketchbook both on my phone and on my Mac but on returning find its all been monetised and simple things like the paint bucket and layers have all been removed.. Boo.. So hence the switch to Pixelmator.

As you can see from my attempt(s) above I have tried to copy the style from my previous attempt and have left in warts and all. I plan to carry this on on a sporadic schedule when I feel there’s something worthwhile documenting. I see it as just another part of the blog rather than something separate and contrary to my younger brothers opinion I will not be starting a web comic though some times I may ape it a bit.

Lastly just want to talk about the tablet and pen. Wow, just wow! I have had so much fun over the last day with it and am trying not to disappear down the rabbit hole today as there are many things to be getting on with. I hadn’t realised how versatile they are and all the different options that can be programmed. But the oh so basic use is just so much more intuitive to me as I always struggled with traditional mice in my work and had I known about the tablet and stylus things would have been somewhat different. Saying all this however doesn’t hide the fact if you have loads of typing to do then this method of input is not the best. But for drawing and such like its great. If you have never tried one maybe you can give it a go as its not prohibitively expensive as there a number of options and you don’t have to spend hundreds into the thousand mark for an iPad Pro.

Maybe some more of my doodles will come out to play.. For now I am really just messing around and having fun!


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