Thought of the day – Pentastic

Yesterday I was given a Wacom Bamboo tablet out of the blue due to owner moving up to the big iPad Pro so I have been playing IMG_0621.jpegaround with it and am intrigued as to what it can do. I have been messing around with the pen or is that stylus and find it way more accurate and far more comfortable than my mouse and my skills using it. There are a bewildering array of options to configure and I am sure in capable hands can be made to produce some amazing drawings and sketches or speed up workflows from a click of a programmable button. However one of the downsides that I am sure is not applicable to the Cintiq and iPad Pros with there Pencil(s) is the disconnect from the hand and eye. It does take some getting use to and I still struggle to match things up on screen but I am having to get use to not trying to use the pen on the keyboard, as that doesn’t work!! However for navigating around the desktop and computer it is simpler and faster in my mind.

There was a period when I worked in London where commuting home I started using a drawing app on my iPhone to do a basic visual diary but it fell by the way side and when I went back to look at resurrecting it some years ago the software had changed, needing a paid update to use all the features that I had been using and had taken for granted. So now I am on the look out for drawing software for my Mac to test out my new toy.

At the moment I am doodling around and testing out on simple app which is very basic for anything other than just scribbling, but one interesting thought is the ability to now digitally sign things. How often I need to do this is a matter of conjecture but the fact I can now actually ‘do’ my own handwriting is pretty crazy.


So till next time.. where I may just digitally hand write my post, but there again maybe not. I am going to find an outlet for this new workflow/method/toy just not sure what yet.


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