Splish, Splash

Photo-on-13-06-2016-at-13.19.jpegYesterday I took the plunge both physically and literally and went swimming at my local swimming pool. In fact the last time I was there was when I was a teenager and it hadn’t seemed to have changed at all which was a bit spooky. Apart from there being shared changing rooms and no freezing cold foot bath to stop the tide of verrucas that we made a sport of avoiding it was just about as I remember it. I first started going there with school and then later with the local Scout and Guide group once a week and one of my abiding memories was training for a Gold survival medal that required us amongst other things to do a mile in the pool which for a 25m pool is sixty four lengths, so we pretty much had to run in, get changed jump in the pool, swim, get out and run for the bus, ahh those happy days.

After a bit of floundering around and probably swallowing half the pool I settled into a rhythm. I was never very fast back then but more of a distance swimmer. Like then, whilst most were going past me I was happy to plod up and down at my own more gentle pace. Thankfully the pool was almost empty apart from a couple of people charging up and down the fast lanes marked off to stop us wandering into their paths and so I surreptitiously tried out a number of moves testing my memory of the different strokes at the deep end where I was away from the stern gaze of the lifeguard(s). I did wonder at the readiness of these people who seemed completely oblivious to their surroundings and not at the peak of what one would imagine as physical fitness. But I guess impressions can be deceiving.

After about half an hour I had had enough and thought I didn’t want to over do it as it had been such a long time and wasn’t sure of the repercussions for the day after however I am happy to report there have been no side effects and coming out of the pool was as I remember an energising feeling; one where you feel a bit more alive than you did before.

So.. roll on next Monday for another splash down memory lane..


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