Thought of the day – WWDC

For those who either don’t know or don’t care this will be an irrelevant post today but I thought I would put some thoughts down about the annual Applefest that is WWDC. For most of my working life I had hoped to one day go to the Developer Conference just to see what all the hullabaloo was about but now I am finding I couldn’t care less. As previously stated I am not in the market for any new gadgets of the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or such like as I have everything I need. But I thought it would be interesting to see where Apple is heading and if there’s anything on the horizon that could be of interest. In fact it seems like Apple’s cash cow, the iPhone, is starting to cool and that there is talk of moving to longer periods between upgrade cycles but they as a company are not doomed.. Personally if I had the money I would probably blindly be updating mine every year just because I could and did but now I am perfectly happy with my current 5S and see no need to blindly follow the masses. What does interest me is the future landscape of the Mac Mini and Pro models and whether they will get any love or will further be left to languish, wither on the vine to what seems like a slow and silent death. I do like or maybe even love Apple stuff for there simplicity but I am also realistic about it too. I am one of those people that still like a laptop for my daily use due to liking a proper keyboard and being able to prop it up in bed to watch TV and movies. I can see the allure of an iPad but there just not for me I still like my traditional computing, yes old fashioned some might say. However there was a day before laptops were popular that everyone had a desktop and the more serious you were the bigger the tower! those days have long gone on the whole and probably no bad thing as mobile tech has brought us back to the living room and out of those heat filled darkened rooms.. lol ok maybe I did play games a bit. Going back to the Mac Mini as the one of the last remains of traditional computing that Apple has I would like one for a number of reasons, i.e media centre etc but most of what I would want to achieve on it can/could be achieved on a Raspberry Pi. This is where the buy-in of the Apple ecosystem is a hinderance, that may all be changing if Apple really are moving away from traditional computing to mobile and ultimate gadgets we see on Sci-Fi movies and shows possibly?! Then I guess we will be using jet packs wearing silver jumpsuits and eating our food pills.

Apple does seem to be following their view that we will all be using iPads in the near future. Further off into the distance maybe computing as we know it will be something so far, we the general public have not imagined. Boffins in labs are working out how we will interact with technology or will we become implanted with it. As a side note I offer the fact that now everyone takes for granted mobile phones where previously the accepted norm was we had a old dial phone at home and you made and received calls only in that location usually at the bottom of the stairs. Prior to that it was a telephone box for a percentage of the population. I still remember as a youngster having to use them in order to have a private in air quotes call with my friends and then later girlfriend if I didn’t want my parents knowing everything about my life, whereas now I can speak to family and friends around the world on Skype on a high speed train whilst video calling. To my grandfather this would have truly been science fiction but in that short space of time our lives have changed immensely but in a mostly invisible way.

So where does Apple see this and for that matter the rest of the tech industry see us going in the future well today may be a window into that. It may not be as obvious as we think and for the larger part most people are interested in the “iPhone” bit for me it has always been about the future and the trends. What will we be taking for granted in say 10 years time that now seems alien or maybe the span will be longer, maybe a generational thing that say my niece will be part of. I think back to talking to my Grandfather when I was much younger who saw the advent of cars, flew in bi-planes and many other things we take for granted now and I thought “I will never experience a time like that” however in the 21st century I am seeing the birth of the mass produced electric car, solar energy becoming the norm, landing probes on Mars and distant meteors and many other technological advancements across all of society that make this a truly amazing age too. Maybe thats the point, that I/we take most things for granted but there is change out there and some of us choose to see it.

So I will this year be sitting in my comfy chair, cup of tea and watching WWDC with a bit more than passing interest unlike other years. Will you?


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