IMG_0610.jpegIn an attempt to boost the neurones I am undertaking learning new things and do what all the scientists say one should do as one gets older. So with that in mind and some outside assistance, hey presto, two and a half jars of jam and apricot jam no less. This being in my top five jams index with Blackcurrant and Strawberry vying for top place. It was actually very easy to do which I am surprised at due to the fact I thought it was some dark art practiced by the secret guild of jam makers so the fact that it is only the fruit and a tonne of sugar came as a bit of a surprise. I am not sure how long this will last but guess I need to make some bread to test it out.

In working out the cost of making it is not a whole lot less expensive than buying equivalent shop brought jam but the taste and lack of chemical crap in it is worth the extra bit of effort of making ones own and come later in the year when there will be a surfeit of fruit to go at I am now gen-ing up on what is ready when.

So now there is another time wasting/enhancing pastime that I can actually get something productive from and I am now thinking about where I can source the next experiment. It’s rather too early in the year for majority of produce that can be used but I am eyeing up some local ‘pick your own’ farms where I can grab a load of Strawberries and maybe Gooseberries.. watch this space.


6 thoughts on “Jam!

  1. I am impressed! Making your own jam is serious business!! My dad took up jam-making some five years ago, mid 60s, and has done some great combination. One specially comes to mind with cherries and walnuts and something else noone remembers. Your fantasy is the limit here!

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    • Well seems not so serious.. Not sure if I am going to take this too seriously as my attention span is relatively short, till the next shiny thing comes along! 🙂 Hmmm jam and nuts not thought about that.. its a bit controversial.. but yes some interesting ideas to come.

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      • The thing is that I don’t really like jam on toast or so… But I use it when I bake and that is what I used that fantastic jam for – filled sticky buns!
        Can’t help laughing about that short attention span, I am the same EXCEPT when it comes to a few things, like running and baking 🙂 With jam though you don’t need to do it regulary so I think you might enjoy it – and the benefits of knowing what’s in it, that must be rewarding?


      • Mmmmm buns.. sticky or not.. YUM but not allowed.. lol. Yes I need lots of small projects so I don’t get bored and/or distracted. Trying to cut out the crap from diet but its difficult if you have to make everything yourself.. 🙂


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