Thought of the day – Raining again.

IMG_0609.jpegSo high summer is almost here and the rain has returned. As I sit in the dry of the car and survey the surrounding vista I can’t help but think “are we going to get any consistent sunny weather” Not sure if it’s an age thing but I keep thinking the summers were longer and hotter when I was a kid. I am sure there are statisticians out there that can prove to me that indeed that summers were longer due to the perception of time being longer and the older you get the more it speeds up. It also leads me to think of holidaying in foreign climes where the sun always shines and the days are long, but those days are some way off. I have never been one for sun worshipping and now given all the advice against it seems even more sensible not to bake ones self to gas mark 11 on some far flung tropical beech. Being blessed genetically with very and I mean very fair skin even a whiff of the suns rays sends me a lovely shade of beetroot so most of my life I have always walked on the shady side of the street. Maybe next year will be different..

As a postscript; Supertramp’s “It’s Raining Again” popped into my head for some unapparent reason but there’s nothing like a bit of 80’s cheese to cheer one up.


4 thoughts on “Thought of the day – Raining again.

  1. We haven’t had any rain for weeks now. Strange. Feels like mid summer. Not June. Seen reports from the Download festival in UK. Weird really. Hope we’re not getting it here. Summer never used to be rainy nor windy. They were perfect. And we were out playing from daybreak till sunset…

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