Alternative forms of transport.

Yesterday was a bit of a momentous day as it marked the first outing of Bessie the bicycle, well it’s not actually called that but anyway for the first time this year I dug out the necessary gear, pumped up the tires and put on the helmet. I was expecting it to be a real struggle but found it to be rather agreeable mainly due to the “stupidly slow gear”. To start off I thought I would just go up the road a bit but as I found it not to be too taxing so I decided to push on a bit further. That then became a bit further and before I knew it I had done five and a half miles. A good bit on the journey home was downhill and off road, mainly on a dusty track as you can see in the picture. The final stretch was all downhill on proper road back into the village and it was as fun as I always remembered it. As a kid I remember trying to race unsuspecting cars feeding my need for speed and imagining I was a motorbike racer like Barry Sheen however that was not something I wanted to replicate again due to rather sensible feelings of self protection and mortality. I’m sure on a super modern road bike one probably could and would overtake the holiday traffic, the locals being a bit more tricky specially the yoof in their sport hatchbacks.

I’m going to see how I fit this new exercise in to the daily routine as I still plan to do my walk in the morning. It’s easy to do, it takes no thinking, I don’t need anything and I like the meditative qualities not to mention the stick collecting. But I do know that it may become the latest shiny toy and will be all into it for some time until when the apex is reached then it will return to a darkened corner and languish until the next time I think its a good idea again. But if there’s a better time to start this I don’t know when is.


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