Once in a while..


This morning, a) being a holiday and b) being a bit grim and have reached the weekly target decided we should have something a bit different for breakfast. I had forgotten to make some bread and didn’t fancy venturing out to see if the local shop had some and being a holiday had probably had the shelves stripped on Friday evening with hoards of locusts expecting the Armageddon. Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration but hey why not completely overreact. Not quite running around waving hands in the air shouting Oh my God incessantly but thats how it panned out in my mind.

So I settled on making some Drop Scones, these are much like pancakes from over the pond but much smaller and smeared with butter and thick set honey were really delicious and only planning to have a couple ended up having more that due to the face that I didn’t want any left as there not so nice when cold and old. This means that I will need to walk these off or cut back on the calories for the day. But they were really nice! Well worth the pain to burn them off.


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