Long time coming..

IMG_0509.jpeg A person needs a place to rest before contemplating the tasks ahead and for so long I have been without such a perch. Well today I remedied that and used up some of the scrap pallet wood in the process. No plans used, no internet research just good old fashioned bodging with a bit of glue, screws and a power tool. One of the task I have at the moment is to make enough space in the workshop to actually get on and do things but too long it has been used as a bit of a dumping ground with lots of gardening stuff. So my list of jobs include making racking and storage for all this extra clutter and getting it out of the way of the real fun stuff. There has been a request for a compost bin that fits in a certain space and I have started that in order to make space to move around in. For this I have done a bit of research on the interweb and as usual there are many ways to do it. Again I am keeping to my KISS methodology and have got general measurements for area and then from a back of an envelope diagram started to chop the wood up. This has all been done by hand, although I have a large-ish array of power tools the hassle of getting them into the right places and powered up would have taken longer that just whizzing through timber with a rip saw. So back to it, well back to it after I have had another sit and cup of tea!!


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