Daily thought

IMG_0502.jpegGot home last night from a weeks holiday to a decidedly cool climate and some rain, “hooray” and after a long drive was pretty cream crackered. However it gave my a lot of food for thought and was nice to be able to see a bit of the country I had not been to before unless you count that time when I was four, I certainly don’t. But it did again raise questions of where to be and the climate is definitely kinder the further south one goes. The scenery is to my mind more dramatic here and there are less people crowded into the space which is a good thing but it does have it’s drawbacks like all things in life. I would love to visit again and will definitely return to the area as I plan to explore some places of my childhood that I have never been back to since those days and I am curious to see if I can remember any of it. Maybe a literal walk down memory lane. Meanwhile I have some tasks to get on with like repairing doors and building a compost bin, oh the glamour..


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