They came from above..

IMG_0461.jpegThis picture doesn’t really catch the atmosphere and moment but I was surreal as I was out for a walk along a long disused railway line with earphones in and zoned out on the walking when I became aware of strange noises not able to see anything kept on going then out of the corner of my eye I saw this.. It had descended down through the mist and glided along side me for a brief moment before heading back up in the the very low lying cloud or mist. It looked like they were coming into land and for a moment I thought they might ditch it in the river on on a nearby railway line but within a few moments of taking the picture they had disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. As I could hear no screams, in fact nothing from the basket I assumed all was well. Must have been an interesting view from above the mist banks though.

As a side note I have been rather thwarted on my morning walks along the canal around Bath as it seems to be the height of towpath repair season. This hasn’t completely stopped me merely and temporary annoyance and added some extra milage on to the daily target. Just being down on the cut makes me want to go messing about in boats.


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