A new dawn

IMG_0440.jpegA new day, a new sunrise and a new place. I’m back down in Somerset and staying with family for short break. Very early yesterday morning around sunrise I set out for a walk that I wanted to do before everyone was up as I thought as the day went on I wouldn’t get the opportunity.


You can see from the pictures I am standing next to another triangulation point on one of the many hills surrounding Bath which is called Solsbury Hill. Peter Gabriel wrote a song in its name after splitting from Genesis and it was a shame I didn’t have the song to listen to whilst being up there. It does command an impressive view and as I reached the summit the sun finally poke its head out from behind the clouds. Although it was a bit chilly from a brisk westerly wind and one can imagine the inhabitants of the fort battling through wintery conditions high up on the hill surviving much worse than a bit of a breeze also longing for the season to change to summer and a brief respite from the clutches of their harsh lives. From there on it was all downhill and back home.

I worked out that I hadn’t done quite enough mileage so decided to continue on past the Mill at the end of the lane and see where it took me. I love wandering down country roads and back lanes, seeing places and things you don’t usually see from the main roads and motorways as there are always interesting things to see and people to talk to. Once you get over the understandable suspicion to why someone is wandering around looking out of place and gawping at things or more likely the lack of purpose you can learn a lot from a brief conversation. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the worlds behind the doors of the houses passing by and occasionally I get to hear.

Unfortunately my orginal plan to go down to the towpath on the Kennett and Avon and walk to Dundas viaduct and back which is around ten miles was thwarted due to repair works on the footpath that had blocked off my route. I had been looking forward to completing what I set out to do last time I was here but failed. Not to be deterred though I am planning to drive out to near where the blockage ends and start my walk there and see how far I get. The beauty of a canal walk is that it is flat as a pancake and virtually no obstacles so you can travel for miles unhindered, I like that.. it’s a kind of mediation for me. Of course in good old British fashion it is now rainy again and as I look out of my window it looks more like a wintery day than late May.


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