For no other reason.

..than to remind me that summer is almost around the corner and although we have had a week of reasonable weather including some (in air quotes) hot days but also remind me to get out every day which I have been doing so, in fact I now enjoy an evening stroll after my insert any word of your choice for evening meal, round here it is know as Tea. I find it a good way to walk off any excesses though with current food in-take that is unlikely.

However, it would seem though that we have had the allowed quota of sunny warm days as this morning on waking up and poking my head out of the curtains it was raining. It is reasonably warm and windless so I am not too fussed and I look back at the not so long distant wintery weather and appreciate the fact I am not having to go out with five layers on now.  Anyway onwards and maybe I’ll go and kick the tyres of my bicycle and ponder taking it out for a while then decided against and make a nice cup of tea before the madness takes over, plus I still have to find all the ‘stuff’ for it.


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